about little mountain farm co.

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry

Located in San Tan Valley, Little Mountain Farm Co. is the East Valley's best kept secret: a market stocked with handmade dry goods and house-made rubs, soaps, scrubs, and more, plus a farm, a garden, and an organic eatery with a speakeasy feel.  Owner and culinary artist, Kristie Restivo, has always dreamed of having a space where people could come together and enjoy fresh, healthy cuisine, good wine, strong coffee, soothing tea, and friendly banter, all amidst a relaxed, but vibrant atmosphere, where traditionally rural practices coalesce with artisan fare that boasts the sophistication one would expect from a bustling urban marketplace.

We offer farm-fresh cuisine prepared daily, using ingredients gathered straight from our garden or local farms. Eggs collected from chickens that roam freely and are organically feed, hormone-free meat and poultry, and locally sourced items whenever possible.  We also host private Farm-to-Table gatherings, which you can learn more about here.

We work hard to practice sustainability, to give back to our community and causes close to our hearts, and to cultivate a warm, inviting space for our patrons to enjoy.

Little Mountain Farm Co. may not be the first of its kind, but it's a rare and welcome find hidden among the throng of tract homes and streamlined, commercial shopping centers.  We hope you'll join us for a taste of simple, substanable-living, delicious organic eats, a variety of handmade goods, an eclectic mix of music playing in the background, and perhaps a friendly chat.

meet the owner: Kristie Restivo

Kristie Restivo is a 52 year-old Southern California native, a mother to 3 amazing daughters, and a wife to a retired Gunnery Sergeant of the US Marine Corps.  She spent most of her adult life selling advertising, but decided to trade in her business suits and high heels for cowboy boots several years ago.  Since then, she's been living a simple life on the farm, growing her own produce, experimenting with creating her own low-carb, all natural recipes, and caring for her animals.  

Kristie became obsessed with nutrition at the age of 25, shortly after she gave birth to her second daughter, who had life-threatening food allergies; she was pretty much allergic to everything in the free world.  Thus began the journey of scrupulously analyzing ingredient labels and seriously considering the contents of what most of us unthinkingly put into our bodies, and has now transformed into a quest for healthy, sustainable living, low-carb cooking and organic farming.

Random Facts About Kristie:
- Attended High School across the street from Disneyland, at a place called 'Melodyland.'  
- She was in the choir, even though she can't sing if her life depended on it.  Not being mean, it's true.
- Loves wine, The bottle, label, cork and of course the vineyards.