Ignorance isn't bliss...

If you are not already following Sandra Lee on Facebook or Instagram, I suggest that you do so.  I have always liked her. Sandra Lee is a  television chef and author. She is a very strong advocate for feeding the hungry.   She has a cooking show on The Food Network, her semi-homemade recipes are not my favorite.  However, her tablescapes are beautiful and I love how she decorates.  She has such a great, bubbly personality.

But that isn't why I am suggesting you follow her.  She was diagnosed in June with breast cancer.  She has had a double mastectomy.  Instead of handling this in private she has chosen to share her battle with her fans.  It has been so amazing to see someone being so real and sharing the ups and a lot of downs of her recovery.  I always feel that being real and allowing people to see your struggles and triumphs, does nothing but help others.  Know one wants to think they are the only one, knowing someone else is going through the same thing gives others hope.  She could have had her make up crew fix her up.  But she is keeping it so real!  Praying for her speedy recovery and the impact she is making on others.

In 2007, our first magazine, did a photo shoot for women under 40 with breast cancer.  It was to cause awareness that women under 40 get breast cancer at alarming rates.  It is usually a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  Doctors usually take a wait and see approach because "you are too young to have breast cancer."  This is a deadly mistake.   We had women as young as 18 years of age who were battling cancer.  Some of them are no longer with us.

The campaign we had then rings true now.  We all know we should do monthly breast exams, however, how many of us are that diligent?  It will always be our responsibility to take our lives into our own hands, because ignorance is not bliss it is deadly.   Educate yourself and others.

Photo by faceonbytamara.com

Photo by faceonbytamara.com