Run For Your Life

Live Pink is excited to introduce our new favorite up and coming fitness company: Virago Fitness.  We love this company for several reasons; but the name being numero uno. The word Virago means a strong or spirited woman, and for a company started by the surviving spouse of a fallen United States Marine, the name couldn't be any more on point.  


Brittney Hogan - President of Virago Fitness

Brittney Hogan - President of Virago Fitness

Virago Fitness was established in 2014 by Brittney Hogan, whose late husband, Hunter Hogan, was killed in combat in Helmand Province Afghanistan in June of 2012. After a long journey for her and their family, Brittney found fitness as a way to cope with the uncontrollable changes in her life, and soon realized that she couldn't be the only one using fitness to cope. Not only is fitness and exercise great for your physical health, but it works wonders for your mental health as well. Before all of this, Brittney never considered herself an athletic person. Once she discovered a new meaning behind fitness, she realized that it gives you obtainable goals that only you can achieve. It's rewarding, empowering and healing. 


Through their products, events and advertising campaigns, Virago Fitness hopes to inspire others to use fitness as a method of coping with life's challenges, great or small, and to unite those who already do.

"Fitness should be about more than getting skinny and looking sexy in a bikini. That's not what Virago is about. Fitness should be about feeling good on the inside. It's about committing to a lifestyle that constantly pushes you to be the best and healthiest [mentally and physically] you can be." - Hogan, President of Virago.  


The Virago Fitness Online Marketplace offers high quality, comfortable and classy work out attire for both men and women. Their products are currently only available online, but look for them in stores in the near future. When you shop Virago, a portion of the proceeds go back to charitable causes. Check it out:  

Virago Fitness is changing the look and meaning of fitness. Be a part of it. Run for your life.