10 Minutes or 10 Things

As an adult with ADD, I have to admit I make myself literally dizzy more times than I can count.
My daily "routine" differs from day to day.  I find myself blow drying my hair for 90 seconds, then putting mascara on one eye, then washing two dishes, then checking email, then blow dry my hair for another 15 seconds, then sweep half the kitchen - this goes on and on throughout the day. 

Sometimes, I look at things and they feel overwhelming to me.  We entertain a lot, and I am often left with an overwhelming mess, since I do not clean up as I go.  Besides clearing the table, and putting necessary perishable items away, I sit and enjoy my guests.  So the next day or later on that evening, depending on how late the party goes, I freak out over the mess!  I just want to get in the car, drive far away, and hope to return to a spotless kitchen.  Because this is not feasible or realistic, I tell myself: just do 10 things. 

So that's what I do -  I put away 10 things.  Then I do something else for 10-15 minutes, like water the plants, check emails, ect.  Then I go back and do 10 more things.  This way it isn't overwhelming and I can deal with it.  Having an eleven year-old daughter, who is a lot like me, I break things down for her in the same way.  I use the 10 minute or 10 things method.  It make the craziness in our head a little more manageable.