Are You Making Yourself Crazy?

Here it comes again, another Monday.  On the bright side, Monday is a fresh new beginning.  However, for all of you worn out amazing women, Monday means another week of juggling way too many things; as an employee, mother, boss, spouse, friend - the list is endless. 


We have so much going on that we become overwhelmed.  When we are tired, the smallest things become unmanageable.  We walk a fine line between sanity and being insane.  We must learn when to rest, and when to say no to things that are just not that important.

"No" is not a dirty word.  It can actually be the most freeing word you will ever say.   We are meant to seek God daily for Him to lead our very full lives.  Jesus told us that the Holy Spirit would come alongside us, lead, guide and direct us.  So then why are we running in circles?  We lose sight of what really matters and what doesn't. 

I will never forget one Easter in particular.  Chloe was a baby, and my two oldest girls were still living at home.  I wanted to create the perfect Easter, one they would never forget.  Well, I think Jesus had already done that... but I was going to make it memorable and beautiful!  We had lots of family and friends coming over, so I was going to make the perfect Easter brunch.  I started on decorations the week before.  

I made huge paper mache Easter eggs the size of watermelons.  I placed the eggs all over the back yard.  I sat a very long table outside with pretty linens, china and fresh flowers.  I made the girls awesome Easter baskets.  I stuffed all the eggs with candy for the Easter egg hunt, I made sure everyone had a cute Easter outfit, and I made a homemade sugar-free cheese cake, dang it!  Well, I was so busy and overwhelmed with everything that we ended up missing church.  I felt really bad, but I had to do all these things so I could be the perfect mom and the perfect hostess! 

As soon as our guests arrived, the little boys started kicking my paper mache Easter eggs, that I worked on for weeks, like footballs onto the roof of our house.  The chocolate candy in the eggs had melted, and the kids said it looked like poop and didn't want to eat it.  When I went to serve my dessert that I was so proud of, it fell apart!  Nothing like a good dose of reality to put your priorities in place. 

I realized I had missed what was important.  Jesus said, "Come unto me and I will give you rest", not "run around like a crazy woman spending time on things that don't really matter."  All the things we do as women to set the mood for holidays and everyday living are important, but it all needs to be kept in perspective.