Eat Me, Eat Me!

It is perfectly okay to indulge and have a yummy treat once in awhile.  The key is to go out and have that special treat!  Go to your favorite ice cream parlor , donut shop, Sprinkle cupcakes.  You get the message.  Go out and have one piece, one slice, one scoop.  Do not go and get a whole pie, a cake or a box of donuts and bring it home.    Because we all know what happens...they start calling our name, late at me, eat me, eat me!  Until it is all gone. Practice moderation in all things.  Treat yourself, enjoy it, then walk away.  If you decide to bake something at home, same thing.  Enjoy a piece, then brighten a neighbor's day, share with them.  It will put a smile on both of your faces.