Hum...I thought this was a good idea, why???

So sometimes...I do weird/stupid things.  My sister is a shop-online-aholic.   She buys so much stuff she doesn't open it and has no clue to what she even has.  Well, my daughter, Chloe has a field day staying with her aunt because she comes home with $100's of dollars of beauty products.  I, on the other hand, stick to exactly what I need to put on my face so I don't scare anyone. 

Ever so often I will try one of these products, it never works out and I end up wanting to scream.  The other day we were going to dinner in Scottsdale.  I was having an okay hair day.  I decided to use one of the hairsprays, Chloe left in my bathroom, because it was the first thing I grabbed.  Well, I didn't know what was in there but I suddenly, after straightening my hair, had this wet, curly look.  It's okay I told myself, your going to dinner with your husband, child and family, no big deal.  So I sprayed more on and just went with that look.

Not so lucky the next day...So I hate to pluck my eye brows!  It hurts and I get a headache and I can't see.  Because I am 50 now.  So, I saw this pink mini little shaver thing.  I got this bright idea.  I could just shave my eyebrows and give them the perfect arch.  Well, that is not anything close to what happened.  Instead, I had sections missing of my eyebrows.  Oh well, I thought, I think some people just draw them on.  That's it!  I'll just do that! 

Well, I filled in those missing areas quickly because I had to go.   So Chloe and I, were in the store for about 10 minutes.  I guess she finally got a good look at me.  She kind of loudly said, (because 11 yr. olds and men don't know how to whisper)  What is wrong with your eye brow?   I said, "What do you mean?"  I quickly found a mirror, I forgot I had shaved it off, drew it on, then I guess rubbed my face and suddenly...I looked like Mr. Spock!  Chloe's deep concern turned into hysterical laughter.  Glad I could provide her with some entertainment. 

Moral of the story...getting older is hard!  Don't use anything your younger sister sends over, there is a reason she didn't want it.  AND wear your glasses!