New Year, New You? Let's Get Real!

Don't set yourself up for failure.  Whether you are going carb free, gluten free, dairy free or wanting to be the best you can be.  You can't just do it cold turkey.  If you cut out all sugar, carbs, wheat, dairy or do 200 sit ups on January 2nd... on January 3rd and 4th you will want to die.  Ok, that might be a little dramatic, however drastically changing your eating habits will give you flu like symptoms.  Your body will go into detox mode, just like going off of a drug.  Because sugar is a drug and most of America is addicted!  You will think this isn't working,  I feel worse!  That is why everything needs to be in moderation.  No shakes, diet pills or gimmicks.  Real whole foods, water, moderate exercise and supplements, a life style change not a 30 day plan.  A lifetime plan.


For best results slowly cut out all processed food, carbs, ect.  If you eat 3 pieces of bread a day start eating 2, for a couple days.  Then go down to one and then start slowly cutting out other forms of sugar.  If you are drinking soda, slowly cut down.  When you decide to start taking supplements, slowly introduce them to your body.  I started taking a different form of magnesium, a couple of weeks ago.  It said to take 4 a day.  I started taking one a day, then after a week starting taking 2 a day.  Still not taking 4 yet, but as with anything do it slowly and in moderation.  Even good things need to slowly be introduced to your system.  So instead of joining a gym tomorrow, how about a walk or a run.  Remember, this is a lifestyle change not a DIEt.  You can do it!  Just do it, wisely!