Little Mountain Farm Co.

Organic Eatery, Market & Farm-TO-Table Gatherings

Located in San Tan Valley, Little Mountain Farm Co. is the East Valley's best kept secret: a market stocked with handmade dry goods and home-made rubs, soaps, scrubs, and more, plus a herb garden, and an organic eatery with a speakeasy feel. Stop by and grab a glass of wine or cup of coffee while you shop for organic specialty items at the market. Sign up for our Supper Club to receive exclusive invitations to our private Farm-to-Table Gatherings and unique events, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily hours and specials. Remember, this is a private club, you must join to be a part of this quaint experience.  Sign up at the Gathering page! 



MEET  the owner: Kristie Restivo

Born and raised in Orange County, California, Kristie has 14 years of marketing and advertising experience and helping women in coastal Orange County grow their businesses. Making her an unlikely farmer, with 4 farms and over 30 animals under her belt, while working toward sustainability, organic and low-carbon footprint living. Join her on her journey of self-sufficiency; a free-spirited entrepreneur with gypsy-like qualities...Married to a retired Gunnery Sergeant, always on a mission. And blessed with three amazing daughters makes for quite an interesting life.

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We have a strong passion for supporting our military, which is why we give a portion of our proceeds to Virago Fitness, a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire others to use fitness for post-traumatic growth. Virago Fitness is based in San Diego, CA and is working toward building a factory in the US where they will produce all of their products in-house and primarily hire veterans and their families.

Learn more about Virago Fitness by visiting their website:

LCpl Hunter Hogan, KIA 6/23/2012

LCpl Hunter Hogan, KIA 6/23/2012